Avena Alpina 8x1L


SKU: DR-079

•MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: this oatmeal smoothie is a healthy snack with a good nutrition source. Made with Organic Oatmeal, provide a good source of organic fiber to support a healthy digestive system.

• ZERO PREP TIME: Our packaging allows us to give you the benefits of oats, ready to drink with an incomparable taste. Avena Alpina is a portable and practical instant oatmeal ideal for breakfast and snacking during the day. It is like overnight oats without the overnight part, Avena Alpina is always ready to drink.

• LOW SUGAR & NON-GMO OATS: Avena Alpina is made with certified non GMO oats and premium ingredients. Our delicious oatmeal smoothie is a balanced source of Calcium and Protein made with natural and well-sourced ingredients. Avena Alpina is the best tasting oat smoothie on the market.

• NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Avena Alpina prides itself on its natural ingredients for a day-to-day good source of fiber and protein. Made with 100% whole-grain organic oats and natural flavors, make our four different oat smoothie flavors the best tasting oatmeal drink on the market.

• TO CURB CRAVINGS: Our smoothie mix is ideal for drinking across the different moments of the day when cravings attack, offering you a healthy snack with all the benefits of the oatmeal.